Lake Land Board of Trustees announces new VP of Student Services: Valerie Lynch


Andrea Fasig, Reporter

On Oct. 12, the Board of Trustees of Lake Land College approved a one-year appointment of current Director of Student Life Valerie Lynch to the position of Vice President of Student Services becoming effective Oct. 19, 2020. 

Student Services is responsible for services including, but not limited to Financial Aid, Counseling, TRIO, Student Life, Student Conduct, Tutoring and Testing, Admissions and Records, Athletics, and Career Services. As VP Lynch will be leading this department. Until a replacement is found, she will also be performing the essential Director of Student Life duties. 

Lynch is a Lake Land alumna, having graduated in 1999 with a degree in Elementary Education. She returned in 2006 as an Outreach Advisor for the newly begun TRIO Educational Talent Search Grant. After obtaining a master’s degree from Indiana State University in Student Affairs and Higher Education, she became Director of Student Life. 

When asked what makes her excited to work with the college and its students “I have always loved Lake Land College and how it makes college accessible and affordable for students from various backgrounds,” she said. “The students are typically excited to be here and fun to work with, especially in Student Life.”

As Student Life Director, Lynch worked closely with students and campus groups advising the Student Activity Board, Student Government Association, National Society for Leadership and Success, and the Navigator News as well as overseeing campus clubs and working with student leaders to plan multiple events each semester. 

This work helped prepare Lynch for her new VP role, “Student Life has also given me such a wide range of experiences to really get to know numerous student demographics such as international students, student leaders, and even student athletes.”

Of her time with Student Life, “I have absolutely loved my time as Director and I will cherish all of the memories made with the various groups of students I have worked with over the years.”

“The students are the heart of the institution.” Lynch says, “I believe that my work in Student Life and other professional experiences in education have prepared me to be a very student-centered leader… I think the person who takes on the position of Vice President should be student-centered.” 

There is much that can be taken from this year and plenty of work to be done, “I am most excited to see what positive experiences we can take from a global pandemic and apply them long-term for the success of our students moving forward.” Lynch said.

“The pandemic is here to teach all of us something and Lake Land College is no different. We will be examining how we move forward with our mission of continuously improving an affordable, accessible, and effective learning environment for the life-long educational needs of the diverse communities we serve.”

“I am also excited to learn that I get a designated parking spot as part of this position,” she joked. “That is an exciting day for me!”

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