Calmer debate allows Americans to hear Trump and Biden’s opinions


Madelyn Kidd, Editor-in-Chief

On Oct. 22, American citizens gathered around their TVs anxious to see if the final presidential debate would be as disastrous as the first. To the surprise of many, the final presidential debate was calmer than the first presidential debate on Sept. 29.

Going in there were many factors that had many question if this debate would take place. The second presidential debate was meant to take place on Oct. 15, but was canceled because President Trump had tested positive for COVID-19 and refused to hold a debate in a virtual format. 

Additionally, the Debate Commission scrambled for a plan to allow order within the following debates. Kristen Welker from NBC News and moderator for the final debate stated at the beginning, “At the beginning of each section, each candidate will have two minutes, uninterrupted, to answer my first question. The Debate Commission will then turn on their microphone only when it is their turn to answer. And the Commission will turn it off exactly when the two minutes have expired. After that, both microphones will remain on. But on behalf of the voters, I’m going to ask you to please speak one at a time.” With this system in place, the final debate went smoother than the first.

The first topic of the night was about COVID-19 with President Trump and former Vice President Biden giving two varying thoughts and plans about the virus. Trump stated he had no worries about COVID-19 because he had it and everywhere there has been a spike that spike went down. He also went on to essentially pat himself on the back for doing such a fine job and that other country leaders have congratulated him on controlling the situation so well. However, America has some of the largest numbers of positive cases and deaths in the world. President Trump also promised a vaccine in the next few weeks, which many medical professionals have stated we probably won’t see a vaccine in 2020.

Meanwhile, Biden stated his plan, if elected, on how he plans to reduce the number of cases and deaths. “What I would do is make sure we have everyone encouraged to wear a mask all the time. I would make sure we move into the direction of rapid testing, investing in rapid testing. I would make sure that we set up national standards as to how to open up schools and open up businesses so they can be safe and give them the wherewithal, the financial resources to be able to do that.”

Another topic during the debate involved the new information causing fear in voters about Russia and Iran trying to influence votes by getting voter’s information and sending threatening messages. Former Vice President Biden stated his plan to end this threat to national security. He stated, “I made it clear that any country, no matter who it is, that interferes in American elections will pay a price. They will pay a price. And it’s been overwhelmingly clear this election, I won’t even get into the last one, this election, that Russia has been involved, China’s been involved to some degree, and now we learn that Iran is involved. They will pay a price if I’m elected. They’re interfering with American sovereignty. That’s what’s going on right now. They’re interfering with American sovereignty.”

Instead of responding with his plan to stop this, President Trump went on to blame Biden for it because Russia wants Biden to lose. He also explained what he set up in the past to prevent this, yet hadn’t commented on how his previous plan failed since currently other countries have voter’s information. Trump stated, “They both want you to lose because there has been nobody tougher to Russia between the sanctions, nobody tougher than me on Russia, between the sanctions, between all of what I’ve done with NATO. I’ve got the NATO countries to put up an extra $130 billion going to $420 billion a year. That’s to guard against Russia. I sold, while he was selling pillows and sheets, I sold tank busters to Ukraine. There has been nobody tougher on Russia than Donald Trump.”

Another topic of the night was about the American healthcare and newly sworn in Supreme Court Justice ACB’s opinion and plans on getting rid of the Affordable Cares Act. Trump stated his plans for the healthcare system, “Pre-existing conditions will always stay. What I would like to do is a much better healthcare, much better. We’ll always protect people with pre-existing. So, I’d like to terminate Obamacare, come up with a brand new, beautiful healthcare. The Democrats will do it, because there’ll be tremendous pressure on them… But come up with a better healthcare, always protecting people with pre-existing conditions. And one thing very important, we have 180 million people out there that have great private healthcare. Far more than we’re talking about with Obamacare.”

Biden stated his plan included having a public option, “The public option is an option that says that if you in fact do not have the wherewithal, if you qualify for Medicaid and you do not have the wherewithal in your state to get Medicaid, you automatically are enrolled, providing competition for insurance companies.” He continued, “Secondly, we’re going to make sure we reduce the premiums and reduce drug prices by making sure that there’s competition, that doesn’t exist now, by allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices with the insurance companies.” He also stated that his plan wouldn’t affect anyone with private insurance, and he wants to create a plan to protect pre-existing conditions.

Finally, this wouldn’t be a debate in 2020 if the topic of racism wasn’t brought up. Until this topic both Trump and Biden managed to not slip up and say something making them look bad. However, whilst Trump and Biden were open to debate, Trump slipped up and stated, “Nobody has done more for the black community than Donald Trump. And if you look, with the exception of Abraham Lincoln, possible exception, but the exception of Abraham Lincoln, nobody has done what I’ve done.” 

In a sarcastic remark a few minutes later Biden referred to Trump as Abraham Lincoln and stated, “Abraham Lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents we’ve had in modern history, he pours fuel on every single racist fire, every single one. Started off his campaign coming down the escalator saying he’s getting rid of those Mexican rapists, he’s ban Muslims because they’re Muslims, he has moved around and made everything worse across the board. He says to… About the Proud Boys, last time we were on stage here he said, I tell them to stand down and stand ready.”

Ultimately the final debate could be referred to as an actual debate unlike the first debate, yet since it included President Trump and former Vice President Biden, the debate still got messy.

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