SGA Parliamentarian Suhyun Moon on being an international student amidst a pandemic


Jess Oakley, Reporter

Suhyun Moon is a sophomore at Lake Land College. She is on the Student Government Association, part of the international students club and an all around good person. I emailed Moon some questions about how she was taking classes this semester. 

Moon told me that she is studying in America, and as an international student she felt a little bit of stress due to the regulations on international students changing. Thankfully, the change has been rescinded, and Moon and other international students like her can continue to study in America. Moon said that a lot of the international students she knows are choosing to study in their home country. Moon is studying here in America because she wanted to take a hybrid class that meets on campus. She says about her decision to study on campus, “ I choose to study in America, so that I can focus on my academic goals easily and there was a class on campus that I really desire to take.” She was taking five classes but decided to drop one, due to the difficulty of the topic, and “I need more effort to focus on classes online.” 

Moon told me that during quarantine she has been learning something new. She learned to edit videos to film vlogs, how to code and how to bake certain desserts. She says, “I highly recommend learning something you [have] never done such as coding, baking and so on.” She also told me that even though we may be far away from each other, the Student Government Association is still listening to student concerns. Moon is staying connected with friends and classmates via virtual meetings and social media.

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