Lake Land College student athletes tested positive for COVID-19

Madelyn Kidd, Editor-in-Chief

At the end of August at least four student athletes tested positive for COVID-19. On Aug. 31, President Dr. Josh Bullock released a statement on the matter. “We received reports this week from students who have tested positive or are suspected of having COVID-19, who have been on campus. Please know that when we receive these reports we are taking immediate action in collaboration with the Coles County Health Department.”

Dr. Bullock further explained the college followed the procedures previously made and implemented into the Return to Campus plan, which follows Coles County Health Department guidelines and the Restore to Illinois plan. This includes contacting all staff and students who were exposed to these students were immediately notified and requested to not return to campus for any reason for an identified 14-day period. On-campus meetings for one class were temporarily suspended along with all athletic activities.

Lake Land College established our fall semester class schedule to allow for classes to continue virtually, so students would not be negatively impacted if on-campus meetings for individual students or entire classes were temporarily or permanently suspended during the semester. 

The students who tested positive or came in close contact with those students were to continue attending all of their classes virtually and to work with each instructor to make up any work missed during the time they’re not allowed to come to campus.

Impacted staff members were to complete their work from home and worked with their supervisor to create an approved temporary remote schedule.

Lake Land College has reported these confirmed COVID-19 cases on the Lake Land College COVID-19 Case Dashboard, located on the college website’s home page, where the number of all confirmed cases are listed for students and employees.

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