Spencer Charnas of ICE NINE KILLS should voice the next Disney prince


Breanna Moore, Layout and Design Manager

Every time that Disney chooses someone to be the voice actor for a prince, that individual always has a beautiful, melodic voice that flows gracefully with the musical numbers and is very pleasant to listen to. These voice actors have incredible vocal talents with their singing abilities, skills and vocal ranges. There is a particular individual that I believe could be an incredible voice for a Disney prince, and that is Spencer Charnas.

Spencer is the vocalist of a metal band called ICE NINE KILLS, which is a band that is primarily known for the style of metal that they create. Spencer is a very big fan of scary stories and all things horror, and the band writes songs that are based on popular horror tales. Their 2015 album, “Every Trick In The Book,” has songs on it about “The Exorcist,” “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” and “Carrie.” ICE NINE KILLS most recent album, “The Silver Scream,” contained songs based around horror films such as “Friday the 13th,” “Jaws” and “The Shining.” This substyle of metal is commonly called “horrorcore.”

While Spencer Charnas is in a very brutal and intense band, many would never guess that a metal vocalist such as himself would have a beautiful singing voice. In ICE NINE KILLS, Spencer does both clean vocals, which is regular singing, and hard vocals, which consists of screaming and growling. While he excels in both versions of vocalization, I think that his clean vocals are absolutely beautiful. Spencer has great vocal range and his voice flows so incredibly smooth that it gives me chills. 

Certain ICE NINE KILLS songs really show off the beauty in Spencer’s voice. One of my favorite instances of this is in the song “The Nature of the Beast,” where he sings a beautiful introduction to the song. Listening to this particular song, specifically the beginning, is what initially brought the thought of Spencer being a Disney prince to me. Another song where I find his vocals to be absolutely magnificent is in “IT Is The End,” a song based on Stephen King’s famous book “IT.” Again, in the beginning of the song, Spencer sings an introduction where even though he adds sinister and creepy touches to go along with the tale of “IT,” he still shows the true beauty of his voice in a haunting way. Some songs have no or very little hard vocals and are made up primarily of clean vocals, such as “Tess-Timony” and “A Grave Mistake.” Therefore, all throughout the song you are able to hear the melodic majesty of Spencer’s voice. 

Disney prince voice actors are always incredibly vocally talented and seem to have the voice of an angel. I think that Spencer Charnas of ICE NINE KILLS would make an amazing Disney prince because he is such a beautiful singer and has such a wonderful voice. Whenever Disney begins auditioning and casting for their next role as a prince, it would be really cool to see Spencer’s name on the list.

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