‘Clue: On Stage’ at the Effingham Performance Center


Madelyn Kidd, Editor-in-Chief

On Thursday, Oct. 8 to Sunday, Oct. 11, the Three Chicks & a Stage, a community theatre organization, will be performing “Clue: On Stage” at the Effingham Performance Center, also known as the EPC. On Oct. 8 through the 10, the play will begin at 7 p.m., and on Oct. 11 at 2 p.m. 

All seats are $20 each, and the event is marketed as a social distancing event. Members of the same household are able to purchase seating “pods” where the same household members can sit next to one another and will be six feet away from other occupied pods or individual seats.

“Clue: On Stage” is directed by Charlie Niehaus and Assistant Directors Monique Hortinstine and Susan Ptasinski-Temple. In the cast are Lake Land College Instructors Tracy Dennis and Lydia Hatfill as Yvette the maid and the cook respectively. The role of Miss Scarlet is double cast with Andrea Hortinstine and Veronica Hunter-Schraer. Hortenstine is performing Oct. 8 and 10, and Hunter-Schraer performing on Oct. 9 and 11. Jo Thomas as Mrs. Peacock, Sara Brinker as Mrs. White, Adam Alexander as Professor Plum, Doug Finkbiner as Mr. Green, Ron Hunter as Colonel Mustard, Kevin Calder as Mr. Boddy, Keith Dennis as Wadsworth, Rob Grupe as the cop, Taylor Torres as the motorist and a Police Deputy/FBI agent, Madelyn Kidd as a whispering voice and Chief of Police/FBI agent, Hannah Jones as the singing telegram girl, Susan Ptasinski-Tempel as Margie, and Charlie Niehaus as Nermit.

In the crew is Stage Managers Kevin Deadmond and Madelyn Kidd, Assistant Stage Manager Angelea Garza, Props Manager Susan Ptasinski-Temple, crew members Chris Hooper, Kat Blickem, Richard Overbeck, Hannah Jones, Taylor Torres, and Cerys Boston. In charge of sound effects is Wayne Moran, set design is Charlie Niehaus, and set construction is Steven Boyd and Kevin Deadmond.

Come to the EPC to see “Clue: On Stage” to find out who the murderer is, which room did the murder occur in and with which weapon!Clue

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