Lake Land College’s procedures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 on campus

Madelyn Kidd, Editor-in-Chief

Editor’s Note: The procedures and policies listed in this article abide with Phase 4 of LLC’s Return to Campus Plan. These procedures and policies are subject to change with direction provided by the IDPH, ICCB, IBHE and the Restore Illinois plan.

Lake Land College plans to ensure the safety of students, employees and visitors visiting campus by a set of guidelines in the Return to Campus plan. All students, employees and visitors are required to comply with LLC’s Return to Campus plan. 

Lake Land College plans to prevent the spread of COVID-19 with a daily self-screening submission through the COVID-19 Campus Visiting Screen form via or the Laker Mobile App. If an employee is diagnosed with or exposed to COVID-19, they must notify Human Resources, and you can read what guidelines students must follow in the article, “What to do if you or someone you had close contact with exhibits symptoms or tests positive for COVID-19.” 

On LLC campus you must wear a mask or face covering which covers your nose and mouth. The only time you are able to take off your face covering is while eating in designated break areas on campus while socially distancing from others and on campus grounds when you can social distance six feet apart. Those with medical conditions preventing you from using a mask can get a clear face shield from the nurse.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizer stations will be provided where individuals gather. Major touchpoints will be sanitized nightly and unused classrooms, labs and common areas will be cleaned, sanitized and locked down. Lake Land College also asks for students, employees and visitors to wash hands properly and frequently, use available hand sanitizers and avoid greetings involving touching like shaking hands.

Access to campus grounds and buildings are limited. For campus grounds groups are limited to not exceeding 50 people, and the baseball and softball diamond is currently unavailable for public usage. All students, employees and visitors will be directed to the COVID-19 Check-In Station where a staff member will verify the person has a facemask, has completed the online COVID-19 Campus Visitor Screening form and is approved for access. Access points to campus buildings are limited with most buildings only having one set of unlocked doors. There are also directional traffic signs for interior hallways where social distancing isn’t possible.

Access to different rooms and buildings are also now limited. Computer labs are not open for the public and have requirements if used. Students are required to sign in and out to use the computer lab, the computer stations are spaced apart six feet or more, and students are required to wipe down and sanitize the computer station after use. Program labs and classrooms are limited to be used for face-to-face meetings for some courses. The student Fitness Center is accessible on a limited basis by appointment for all students, staff and athletics in accordance with the plan posted on the Fitness Center website. The Field House and athletic field use is restricted to athletic programs. Most common areas are closed with the exception of waiting and break areas, which has the furniture spaced a part to follow social distancing guidelines. There are also wipes provided to disinfect the touchpoints before and after use. 

This semester, lecture courses are online, virtual or a combination of both, and there’s the possibility for faculty to host optional small group meetings on campus. Lab courses for the semester are online, virtual, a combination of online and virtual, a combination of online and on-campus, or combination of online, virtual and on-campus.

The college amenities limitations include no drinking fountain or water dispenser usage, no communal coffee pots or beverage dispensers, Subway is closed, no catering food trucks, communal/department refrigerators and microwaves are allowed, the vending machines are allowed, restaurant food delivery is allowed to campus for individual consumption only, and drink services are suspended and food services are limited in the Laker Nest bookstore. 

College sponsored events, whether on-campus or off-campus, will be limited to 50 attendees or fewer and must follow IDPH guidelines. Student events and club meetings, either on-campus or off-campus, are limited to 50 attendees with Vice President of Student Services or President’s approval. Student club meetings and events must follow IDPH guidelines for social distancing and personal safety. However, clubs are encouraged to meet virtually.

For traveling, only essential travel for LLC business is allowed, but remote meeting attendance is recommended. International travel for College business is prohibited. Students or faculty returning from an international trip must follow CDC’s guidelines.

The Livestock Judging Team can have practice in accordance with IDPH guidelines, and team travel is allowed for competition only with approval of the unit Vice President.

To read about the limitations on the athletics program read “Athletic scholarships, team practices and changes to sport seasons: how COVID-19 impacts Laker athletics,” in our sports section on p. eight.

Ultimately, the goal is to keep everyone safe and healthy by following these procedures for the foreseeable future.

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