Is September a real month?

Jess Oakley, Reporter

Everyone knows the 12 months of the year. It’s easy to remember them all with a little jingle and touching your knuckles to see which months have 31 days and which don’t, but all my life I have forgotten September. I just jump right over it from August to October. And then when I only have 11 months, I am confused and scared. I think this happens to me because September isn’t a real month. Now hear me out, okay? Every other month has some sort of holiday or marker that lets you know when it’s coming. January is, of course, New Year’s. February is Valentine’s Day and March is St. Patrick’s Day. April is the Easter season and is the start of spring. May is Mother’s day, and June is the start of summer. July has Independence Day, and August is when everyone starts going back to school. What does September have? I guess we have Labor Day, but I’m not even sure which day it falls on. 

The only connection I have to September is that song by Earth, Wind & Fire; the one that’s like, “Do you remember… The 21st night of September?” I always say, “September is a real month?” Then this band from the 1970s and I laugh, and laugh, and laugh. That doesn’t really happen, and I just had to look up Earth, Wind & Fire to see which decade they were from. 

The only other thing that makes September memorable is the Green Day song that is like, “Wake me up when September ends.” But it doesn’t help remind me that September is a month; just that it ends. Really, September is the least remarkable month out of all 12 months, and that’s saying something because March is pretty unremarkable. 

It is now my duty to tell you all the cool things that happen in September. Learning together is more fun anyways. It is the beginning of meteorological autumn. The birthstone for September is a sapphire, and the birth flower is forget-me-not. I guess these people knew September was easy to forget about, huh? September is national Honey Month and Potato Month! That is pretty cool. I just found out that Labor Day is the first Monday of the month. And the first Sunday after the first Monday is Grandparent’s day. Sept. 17, or the previous Friday if it falls on a Saturday or the next Monday if it falls on a Sunday, is Constitution Day. The weekend of Sept. 17 is Von Steuben Day, and Von Steuben is my personal favorite Prussian from the Revolutionary War. The last week of September is banned books week. The final holiday I would like to highlight is Ask A Stupid Question Day, which falls on the last weekday of the month. Don’t be afraid to ask me a stupid question, and I’ll try to answer it next month!

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