Lake Land College has a TikTok


Breanna Moore, Layout and Design Manager

It’s official, Lake Land College has created its very own account on TikTok! Under the username @lakelandcollegeil, they have already made six fun videos that are posted on their account. Each video involves Lake Land College’s mascot, Laker Louie, around different locations on campus hopping onto the trends in the world of TikTok. Some videos include Laker Louie figuring out how to properly wear a face mask to go on campus, as well as his own Laker love story. 

You can find and follow Lake Land College’s TikTok account by searching them by name, Lake Land College, or by their username, @lakelandcollegeil, while on the app. They also share each video that is posted onto the college’s Facebook page so that those without TikTok can still view the fun short videos. Be sure to follow them so that you can keep up on all of Laker Louie’s exciting endeavors! 

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