American citizens speak at the RNC in support of Trump


Madelyn Kidd, Editor-in-Chief

The 2020 Republican National Convention, RNC, began on Aug. 24 and concluded on Aug. 27. This RNC was different from previous years because this convention was a hybrid of being virtual with some in-person events due to COVID-19 instead of entirely in-person.

On the final night of the RNC, President Donald Trump gave his anticipated speech. In his speech Trump declared, “This towering American spirit has prevailed over every challenge and lifted us to the summit of human endeavor. And yet, despite all of our greatness as a nation, everything we have achieved is now endangered. This is the most important election in the history of our country. At no time before have voters faced a clearer choice between two parties, two visions, two philosophies or two agendas. This election will decide whether we save the American Dream, or whether we allow a socialist agenda to demolish our cherished destiny.”

On the third night of the RNC, Vice President Mike Pence gave his speech where he spoke out against Biden and in support of President Trump. He declared, “Joe Biden said we were living through a ‘season of American darkness.’ But as President Trump said, ‘where Joe Biden sees American darkness, we see American greatness.’ In these challenging times, our country needs a president who believes in America. Who believes in the boundless capacity of the American people to meet any challenge, defeat any foe and defend the freedoms we all hold dear. America needs four more years of President Donald Trump in the White House.”

In First Lady Melania Trump’s speech, she spoke about America coming together to help one another during a pandemic. She stated, “I have been moved by the way Americans have come together in such an unfamiliar and often frightening situation. It is in times like this that we will look back and tell our grandchildren that through kindness and compassion, strength and determination, we were able to restore the promise of our future. Businesses stepped up, and volunteers stepped in. People were eager to share ideas, resources and support of all kinds with neighbors and strangers alike. It has been inspiring to see what the people of our great nation will do for one another, especially when we are at our most fragile.”

Many American citizens spoke in support of Trump throughout the RNC, on the first day Mark and Patrica McCloskey, St. Louis natives famous for pointing guns at protestors, spoke in favor of the right to firearms. Mark McCloskey stated, “whether it’s the defunding of police, ending cash bails so criminals can be released back out on the streets the same day to riot again, or encouraging anarchy and chaos on our streets. It seems as if the democrats no longer view the government’s job as protecting honest citizens from criminals, but rather protecting criminals from harmless citizens. Not a single person in the out of control mob you saw outside our house was charged with a crime, but you know who was. We were.”

There were even more Americans speaking in support of Trump. Mary Ann Mendoza, whose son, an Ariz. police officer, died after getting hit by an undocumented immigrant driving under the influence, was in the line up to speak on Aug. 25. However, Mendoza was removed by the RNC after she tweeted a thread of anti-Semitic remarks on Twitter.

Another American citizen speaking was Andrew Pollack whose daughter, Meadow, was killed in the 2018 Parkland High School shooting. He commented about the events after his daughter was killed, “I never wanted this to become a political spactical, but it did. I never wanted to meet the president like this, but I did. I was invited to the White House. The truth is, I just buried my daughter that week. I really wasn’t interested in public events like a tour or photo opt. I was interested in answers and solutions, so if the president wanted to meet me personally I said I’d go.” About meeting with President Trump, Pollack stated, “I told him that his administration needed to take a closer look at what went wrong and why… Then the president did what he said he would do. He took action.”

Throughout the RNC, there were other senators, governors and American citizens speaking in support of Trump, in support of past decisions and in support for viewers to vote for Trump in November.

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