Single is not Equivalent to Selfish

Sara McRoberts, Campus and Features Editor

Commitment: the ultimate dirty word of this generation. Many of us fear emotionally attaching ourselves to another person, and we shrivel in horror at the thought of heartbreak. Commitment and marriage are becoming a thing of the past. Now, we cohabitate years before marriage, we date around, or we stay in a relationship without commitment; where the lines are blurred, the rules are nonexistent, and the feelings are very real.
Our generation has slowly become more about bettering oneself and creating an adult life worth living solo. In an age with social media, communicating with one another has become easier than ever before.
Why is our generation so skeptical to get into a monogamous relationship? Every day we are bombarded with messages of self betterment. Women are encouraged to focus upon their unique qualities and personalities more so than their looks than ever before. It has become acceptable for men to be sensitive without scrutiny. We are being told over and over to build a life that we want to live and the right person will show up. It is more acceptable than ever to be single and work on our lives and ourselves, than to be with someone.
Growing up, it was common to hear phrases such as, “You’ll find your other half,” or, “You’re just one piece of a bigger puzzle.” But, millennials have thrown these phrases to the wind. Now, we encourage others to become a whole person and to find another healthy, whole person and to become a team; not two halves becoming a whole. In this search of becoming who we always wanted to be, we may make selfish choices along the way.
Could it be that we are, indeed, selfish? According to an article written by Jan Omega, the generation before ours – or the Baby Boomers – have dubbed millennials as the most selfish generation.
Maybe it could be that we have become a generation of causal hook ups and blurred lines. We all know someone (or maybe we are that person) that is talking to so-and-so but also whats-his-name and so-and-so is talking to that-one-girl. Nobody wants to commit because we want our options to be open.
Could we be more afraid of failure than we are of the possibility of a meaningful relationship? Maybe heartbreak is so terrifying that it’s easier to be casual.
Millennials enjoy partying and we have become a culture that functions upon social media, an endless array of possible partners, and the bright search for a brilliant future. But in doing so, we have lost our ability to be monogamous.
Better yourself. Finish school. Travel. Explore. Be happy. Make your life everything you have ever dreamed but also be open to love and letting somebody in. Some of the best parts of life are the parts where someone enters our hearts and will always have a special place there. They might leave us. Or they might stay forever. But no matter what, each person teaches you something and the lesson is always worth learning.

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