Summer Blockbusters

Sara McRoberts, Campus and Features Editor

In a small town, going to the movie theater is a common outing. Luckily, this summer is full of films that can’t be missed. IMDB lists several movies that are must sees this season. From sequels to live action renditions, here is a list of five movies coming out this summer you have to catch.
Captain America: Civil war comes out May 6th. Unforeseen interferences cause a rift between Captain American and Iron Man who were previously allies. It includes several other Marvel Comic character including Black Widow, Hawkeye, Ant-Man, and more.
The much anticipated Suicide squad comes out August 6th. This film is about a group of super villains who are enlisted by a private government agency to enact black ops missions. This movie will present Jared Leto in his rendition of the Joker; something comic book fans are on edge about.
For all the horror fans, The Conjuring 2 comes out June 10th. The second movie brings back Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson as paranormal researchers, Lorraine and Ed Warren. They are hired to help a mother and her children rid their home of an evil entity.
Finding Nemo has become a household name for children’s movies and now, Finding Dory comes out June 17th. Dory decides to try to find her mother and father and this forgetful fish finds herself on a crazy adventure.
The Legend of Tarzan comes out July 1st. Although Tarzan has left the jungle behind, he returns as a missionary but is actually being used as a pawn in a bigger plan, being carried out by a Belgian captain.
This summer is bringing movies for everyone; comic book fans to lots of family features premiering. There is a movie for everyone.

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