Ides of March: did Julius Caesar deserve to be assassinated?

Jess Oakley, Reporter

As the Ides of March approaches us, we are harkened back to the day that Julius Caesar was stabbed 23 times by more than 60 men and an autopsy performed on his body concluded that only one of the stab wounds had been fatal. Was this perhaps an accident, and had the roman senators who assassinated caesar only wanted to wound him? Or was it in the heat of the moment and the mess of the men in a tangle around the dictator that led to the messy stabs and misses? The Ides in the Roman calendar was the mark of the middle of the month. The Roman calendar didn’t have numbered days, but was instead divided into three different sections by the Nones, the end of the first section of the month, the Ides, which fell roughly in the middle of each month and the kalends, the very beginning of the following month.
This system was roughly guided by the new and full moons, but quickly fell out of sync. The Roman New Year fell on the kalends of March and lasted until the Ides of March. The Ides of March was known as a date you needed to have your debts settled by in order to have a prosperous year ahead.
Something that also happened on the Ides of March was called the Mamuralia, where the town would dress an elderly person in animal skins and beat them with sticks, chasing them out of the town. This was symbolic of chasing out the old year and bringing in the new year, so should Julius Caesar have been stabbed to death all those years ago? I think it’s definitely up for interpretation, and the betraying of the dictator has been used over and over in the media of the centuries following the event. It makes for a good story, a good scene to paint over and over and reinterpret in each era. In my opinion, Julius Caesar’s death falling on the Ides of March, forever ingraining the date into the minds of everyone who comes after him, is an event in history that won’t be forgotten until either humans cease to exist, or the sun eats the Earth.

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