Bernie Sanders becomes front runner as Russia smears spread about his campaign

Austin Wendling, Co-Managing Editor

Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has had ups and downs in his campaign recently. From being labeled a Russian agent by many media personalities, to winning the popular vote in all three early voting states and receiving push back from his own party, it has been hard to follow Sanders’s campaign the past couple of weeks. With attacks coming from all angles, the Democratic front-runner is feeling the burn.
It was released in late February by the Washington Post that Russia may be assisting Sanders’ campaign to win the nomination, though how they are trying to assist the Vermont candidate remains to be unseen. When Sanders was questioned about this, he remarked that he was made aware of Russia’s assistance in his campaign a month ago. This gained him a lot of ill-will online as “#Bernieknew” began trending on twitter. Many Democrats became angered by the fact that Sanders knew of this support a month ago but didn’t speak of it publicly until the Washington Post reported on it. Sanders in his response condemned the actions of Russia and wants nothing to do with them.
This was not the first time Russia was tied to the Sanders campaign. Days before the Washington Post article was published Sanders himself linked some of his supporters to the harsh online community that follows him. Bernie Bros allegedly went after leaders of Unions that didn’t back Sanders. Sanders alleged that these were not the actions of his followers but of Russian actors trying to divide the nation. This allegation grew criticism as there was nothing to support Sanders’s statement.
Despite these issues dealing with Russia, that didn’t stop Sanders from winning Nevada. Putting him in a historic lead compared to the other Democratic hopefuls. Sanders is now the first Democratic candidate in history to win the popular vote in all the early voting states Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada. This gives Sanders an edge going into Super Tuesday when many of the other states hold their primaries or caucuses. If Sanders can maintain his momentum and gain the delegates needed there is a good chance he will come out as the Democratic pick to represent his party. Something that is beginning to make many moderate Democrats afraid for the future of their party as Sanders brings the progressive movement that has risen up in the Democratic Party. With many moderates labeling Sanders the Democratic version of Trump from the way he carries his movement with him and the wide change he might bring to the party just as Trump did to the Republican Party.

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