What we learned from Taylor Swift’s ‘Miss Americana’ Netflix documentary

Madelyn Kidd, Copy Editor

After the anticipated release of Taylor Swift’s Netflix documentary, “Miss Americana,” there is much to unfold and talk about after watching the one hour and 25-minute documentary of Swift describing and explaining multiple points across her over 13-year career.
Firstly, a big part of “Miss Americana” involved Swift explaining the mindset she’s had all her life of wanting everyone to like her and think she was a good person. A mindset many of us can relate to. When it came to the approval from others Swift said, “Those pats on the head were all I lived for.” However, to get those pats on the head she had to listen to what others told her to do eventually becoming “the person everyone wanted me to be.”
Along with discussing how others see her as a person and how she sees herself physically, Swift also talked about the difficult and impossible standards one faces as a female artist. At the beginning of every female artist’s career Swift described it as, “Everyone is a shiny new toy for like, two years.” Further stating the differences a female in Hollywood must do to remain relevant compared to their male counterparts, “The female artist that I know of have re-invented themselves 20 times more than the male artist.” Further stating on the sexist views within the industry, “There is no such thing as a slut. There is no such thing as a bitch. There is no such thing as being bossy. There is just a boss.”
Another serious topic brought up in “Miss Americana” was Swift’s sexual assault trial in 2017. This was a time period where Swift was quiet about what was going on, so getting to hear her talk about it was significant. Swift described the experience stating, “You don’t feel a sense of victory when you win because the process is so dehumanizing.” During the trial Swift had to fight for her win even with seven witnesses and a photo as evidence due to many people’s disbelief when someone is sexually assaulted. After the trial Swift thought to herself, “This is with seven witnesses and a photo, what happens when you get raped and there is no photo?”
The ending of “Miss Americana” was surrounded in getting the younger American citizens to register to vote and vote in the next elections so hateful people won’t be in power to hurt others. Swift released a single “Only the Young,” describing that only the young can change what’s happening in America with lyrics about the politicians in power and their ignorance of school shootings.
“Miss Americana” was directed by Lana Wilson and has a 92 percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 93 percent audience score. “Miss Americana” is also rated on Metacritic as 65 percent and an audience rating of 9.7/10 stars.
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