Sonic races into theaters

Austin Wendling, Co-Managing Editor

On April 30, 2019, the internet blew up when it came face to face with the horrifying interpretation of the much-loved blue blur Sonic the Hedgehog, in his first-ever live-action trailer. Paramount attempted to go with a more realistic feel to the beloved character, but that crashed and burned. The internet went ablaze criticizing the design choice for the movie, and in an amazing turn of events, Paramount listened to the criticism and pushed their release date back so that they could do a total redesign of their main character spending nearly $30 million to do it.
After months of waiting and millions of dollars spent, how does the Sonic the Hedgehog movie live up to the expectations put upon it? The movie has a fun feel to it, far exceeding the expectations I had for it. The dynamic between James Marsden’s Tom and Ben Schwartz’s Sonic was entertaining to watch. Schwartz really brings Sonic’s comedic wit and attitude to his CGI role. Jim Carrey as Doctor “Eggman” Robtonik was amusing to watch as he brings his own spin on Sonic’s archenemy. Carrey and Schwartz bring some of the most comedic lines of the movie, and you can feel that they are enjoying themselves in the role.
Aside from the comedy, one of the best things the movie does that sets it apart from other video game movie adaptations is that it is inspired by the source material, but they made their own story from it. It is an original movie, and it sees itself as that. It does plenty of world-building but does not let that bog down the pace of the movie or the story they are trying to tell.
The movie is performing with surprising success already achieving $65 million in its domestic box office in its opening weekend, a little over half its full budget. The movie does feature two after credit scenes that set up the possibility for a sequel if Paramount wants to go that route. Hopefully, this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the fuzzy blue speedster.

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