Cram It In!

Allison Wheeler, Copy Editor

During the summer at Lake Land College, they offer what is called an intersession class where students can earn credits just as a normal semester but in a much smaller time period.  This summer’s intersession period is planned to be May 18 through June 3 which is a period of 16 days total.  Because these classes are so compact, the school only allows students to be enrolled in a total of 10 hours over the summer semester and only one of those classes can be intersession.  This is due to the fact that students are expected to spend a total of 13.5 hours per day between campus and homework in order to really succeed in the class.
Why would any student sign up for these classes with such a large work load?  The class itself not only allows students to be done with their summer class quicker, but it is also a cheaper option as the class only costs approximately $340.  So overall, if a heavy course load is not intimidating, it offers both a money and time saver.  Because these classes are so cram-oriented, there are several tips to help stay on track and succeed in the classes.
Firstly, find a three-ring binder or folder. This provides an area for the course work to stay, all in one place.  In this binder students should personalize it in any way they desire, but for those who do not know where to begin, a tab divider system is recommended. Label the tabs: Homework, Notes, Quizzes, Study, and Returned Work. Whenever there is current homework being worked on-place it in Homework, if there are hand written or printed notes -place them in order from front to back for later reference in Notes, if there are any returned quizzes-place them in the quizzes section, have PowerPoints or other study materials-place it in Study, and finally if there is homework returned then place it in Returned Homework. This whole system helps students keep everything in one place. There’s no disheveled papers being lost. No questions of what needs to be studied. Especially no frustration because the homework was left at home. Everything being in one place reduces the risk of losing important information.
Second, print a three-week schedule and write down: class times, at-home study/homework time, and also periodically write down homework assignments on the day they are due (not the day they were assigned).  The fact that there is a simple paper that outlines the 16 days, reduces the risk of forgetting an important assignment or that there is a quiz/test. On this paper also try to leave room for a “To-Do” List, or even better, create a separate sheet with lines to fill in. As tasks are thought of, write down what it is so that the task is not overlooked. Mark off the task after it is completed and only then. Do not mark something off that is half completed or almost done, that may cause some thoughtlessness and create the opportunity for students to forget it.
Thirdly, stay in contact with the teacher and do not be afraid to ask questions. If there is any confusion on anything that has been taught, it is important to ask and get clarification before moving on because it may effect something else that may be taught later down the road. It is also important to communicate with the teacher if an absence is anticipated. It is highly recommended that students do not miss a single class period because it can knock them so far behind that they are unable to catch up. If possible, take those 16 days off of work and focus solely on the class and do only that if it is needed.
Intercession classes are a great way to get a class done in such a short period of time but if the student is someone that skips class all the time and doesn’t get a lot of work turned in, this may not be the class for them. Understand what kind of student is needed to take these courses and if possible, sign up for what class is needed. Not all classes are offered as an intercession course, in order to see if the class is offered, go online to the HUB and search for classes offered in the summer term between May 18 and June 3.

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