Art Club and SAB collaborate for art fair


Jess Oakley, Reporter


Lake Land College has many clubs, and one of them is the Art Club. I had the opportunity to sit down with a few members of the club and find out what they had to say about it. A friend of mine, who wishes to remain anonymous, said about the club, “I think art club is fun. We get together and discuss art.” 

Upcoming events involve visiting the art institute in St. Louis this spring, and the club always donates money after each sale of cards and buttons to Hope Women Shelter in Mattoon. I attended the button and card sale on Feb. 12, and the members of the club were eager to help people make personalized buttons, something you can’t do normally without your own button maker. The members of the club had created Valentine’s Day cards ranging from cards covered in paint to cards dissing the holiday of Valentine’s Day. On Feb. 19, the Art Club, along with a few pieces from people not in the club but in some art classes, set up their art in the Luther Student Center at Laker Point. Some of the media represented were ceramics, watercolor, charcoal, pastel and mixed media pieces. The event, hosted by the Student Activity Board as the Wednesday event, was a good way to include an on-campus club in a SAB event. 

After photographing and talking to some of the artists, I found some interesting things out about the pieces that were up for show. Hailey Hunter had an untitled piece up, an abstract mixed media, that she says started as a self-portrait and she hated it, so she painted over it. The colors and layering of the piece is really beautiful and is the mark of a good abstract piece.

Lee Geier had two pieces in the show, both from an assignment in art class. They said the art was “for the cassettes and peppers we were studying Wayne Thiebaud’s repetition of objects.” 

Whitney Milburn had a few different mediums expressed in the show, including an acrylic piece of a pomegranate. She said, “It’s just a still life of a pomegranate. It’s acrylic, which is cool.”  Whitney also had three pieces of ceramic work, which she said were directly influenced by the work of Melissa Wiess. 


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