What the ‘Chilling Adventures of Sabrina’ part three finale means for part four

Madelyn Kidd, Copy Editior

Netflix’s “Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” part three had eight episodes filled with multiple storylines most following the part two finale with a few new storylines. Meaning most of the storyline for part four will follow the part three finale. 

One of the first plot twists from the finale is Lilith’s pregnancy with the son of Satan. In fear of what the Dark Lord would do to her for her betrayal, Lilith impregnated herself with the Dark Lord’s child to save herself from punishment at the Dark Lord’s hands. When Lilith reveals to Satan she is pregnant with his child she also reveals it is a son. Given the sexist views following many male characters in the show, this makes Lucifer pleased with the idea of having a male heir compared to having Sabrina. However, it will be interesting to see in part four how the pregnancy goes and what plans Lucifer may have for Lilith after the baby is born.

Another interesting storyline to see unfold in part four is the existence of other gods. Throughout part three we were introduced to the pagans and the god Pan. Pan is a greek god, which doesn’t follow the previously only belief in the show where the devil exists and only one god. Also, during the part three finale, the Church of Night, now the Order of Hecate, regain the power they lost after no longer worshiping the devil by praying to the Greek Goddess Hecate and regained their powers. With the introduction to Greek gods, part four will most likely introduce more and potentially bring in other mythical gods.

A continuing threat throughout the show is Father Blackwood. Father Blackwood was a bigger threat throughout part three and with the finale it’s clear he will continue to be a threat. At the beginning of part three, we find Father Blackwood making a deal and getting an unknown powerful creature in an egg. Ambrose and Prudence managed to take the egg from Father Blackwood, but by the finale he had it again. He released whatever was in the egg and declared that whatever it was would be the end of the Spellmans.

Finally the storyline that will affect part four the most, two Sabrinas in the same time period. The finale began with everyone being dead except for Sabrina who was trapped in stone by Caliban. Sabrina ended up being saved by herself and being told she would have to go back in time to save everyone and then come directly back to her proper timeline, which she mostly did. However, Sabrina didn’t return to her time period. Instead the present Sabrina and future Sabrina made a deal, one Sabrina would go and be queen of Hell while the other got to live happily with her family. Having two Sabrinas in the same time zone is definitely going to cause destruction for part four. However, as previous storylines have shown this is how part four will happen. Sabrina will cause something bad to happen, in this instance having two Sabrinas and abusing the power of time travel, everyone will be in danger because of it and because of other storylines, and Sabrina will be the only one who can save everyone from the different disasters that have affected the coven and her friends.

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