What is the true meaning of Valentine’s Day?

Owen Seifert, Business Manager

Love is in the air this February. With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, loved ones are searching for the cutest gift they can for their significant others and close friends. What if I told you we are doing it all wrong? In my opinion, Valentine’s Day is overrated and not needed. Do not get me wrong, the idea behind the holiday is good, but why should we only take one day to show we care?
One thing that stuck with me from my high school career was one of my teacher’s views on Valentine’s Day. He basically asked us what the point was. I have to say that I agree with him. Yes, it is nice to show these special people in our lives that we care, but why not do it whenever we can? Why wait for a specific date? To me it is important to show our loved ones that we care whenever we can. You do not need a box of chocolates and a 50-foot tall teddy bear. It is the little things in life that matter. Hang out whenever you can, give compliments as much as possible, and be there for the people that matter when they need it most. I think we have lost all of that because we focus too much on the holiday’s traditions.
Now, do not just drop the idea completely. There is nothing wrong with celebrating the holiday, but maybe do not stop once it has passed.

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