Getting to know the Lake Land Magazine

Austin Wendling, Co-Managing Editor

The Lake Land Magazine, published by the Marketing and Public Relations Office, is one of the central tools in spreading the news of Lake Land College beyond the campus, too all the communities that Lake Land College helps. The magazine is sent to nearly 82,000 households three times a year, in the Spring, Summer and Fall,. aAllowing the district to see the impact that Lake Land College is having on the lives of the students, as well as letting the district know of the services that Lake Land College provides.
The staff is composed of five full-time staff members and one part-time member. Kelly Allee, Director of Marketing and Public Relations; Haley Titsworth, Marketing Digital Content Coordinator; Audrey Huffmaster, Marketing Production Specialist; Megan Nelson, Marketing Publication and Design Coordinator; Nathan Dragovan, Marketing Specialist; and Breanna Davis, Marketing Communications Specialist, all work to bring the magazine together to show the district what has happened at Lake Land College.
I was fortunate enough to be able to sit down with Kelly Allee, the Director of Marketing and Public Relations, to talk with her about the magazine and everything they provide for Lake Land College. “We do all the branding, advertising, media relations, social media and any of the print or digital publication.” One thing that Allee is particularly excited about is the new Laker Experience column that they started earlier this term in the Fall issue in November, “We are looking for a student that meets that time of the year, so for Spring we are trying to find someone who is about to graduate and reflect on his or her experience here at college.” They work with the faculty or student services who have those connections with students to help them find a student to write for this new column.
Another new feature the magazine has created is “Dear Louise.” A page dedicated to answering questions or listening to suggestions given to them by the readers. To ask Louise a question or offer a suggestion contact the Marketing and Public Relations office through their phone or email. 217-234-5233 and [email protected]
“One thing I would like to say about the magazine is that it is a really good way to reach out to everyone in the district, and we list all the programs that the college offers.” If you are not in the district or are not getting the magazine, the digital copy can be found at

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