Staff Editorial: Advice on upcoming finals

Navigator Staff

Finals are coming up, Lake Land students, and it is crunch time for finals. For those that have not been ahead of the curve, here are a few tips that could help as you approach finals week.
One of the first things you need to do is find out when your finals take place. You cannot get an A on the final if you miss it. Make sure to ask your instructor, and if you cannot then you can easily find the schedule online or ADD PAGE NUMBER. Make sure to take the time to understand the schedule and plan out your day accordingly. Your final will most likely not take place during the same time that your class traditionally does so remember that.
Secondly, find out what kind of exam you are taking. Some instructors will have a cumulative exam, meaning everything you learned over the semester, but other instructors will just use the last couple of chapters for their final. Therefore, knowing what to study is vital to success.
Third, utilize the technology you have to your advantage. Websites such as Quizlet can be a lifesaver for those that like to study by themselves.
Fourth, do not be afraid to set up a study session with your classmates. These are the people you spent an entire semester with learning the same information under the tutelage of the same instructor. These are the best people to go to for help. Reserve a study room in the library, or a table in the Luther Student Center to get together and figure out how you will pass this exam.
The fifth piece of advice to be offered, maybe a bit late, but is important for the 2020 semester. Do not wait for the first couple of weeks before finals; it is not the best idea. The best way to study for finals is to start studying the second you learn the information. As soon as you find out what kind of exam, you must remember that. If it is cumulative, then you will need to remember everything. If you are given slides write those slides down in a notebook so you can look back on them later. Trying to cram as much information as you can into your head over Microbiology, Western Civilization and the ever so fun Physics III is only going to cause stress, and it will not work as well.
The best way is to study in advance, get a jump on the class before it gets a jump on you.

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