Lake Land College needs a civic space

Chase Austin , Reporter

Americans often predispose American politics. Many describe politics as ballot boxes and bickering, often choosing to rather stay home on election day believing their vote simply does not count. The United States has many problems that are not being addressed at all. There are conservative, liberal and moderate plans to implement change, yet nothing comes about it. Everyone wants change and it is possible.
No matter our differences, we need to meet in civil discourse, reach conclusions based on ethical logic and define ways to implement these changes. That is why I believe our campus should implement a civic space.
A civic space is an environment with a set of universally accepted rules, which allow people to organize, participate and communicate with each other freely and without hindrance, and in doing so, influence the political and social structures around them.
We could hold meetings on campus, define what it means to be American and propose real change. Writing agendas, forming letters to state congress and choosing to be proactive in a climate that seeks to both divide and limit the ability of people to come together can help us define the best course of action for our country and ourselves, and in turn, the future of our democracy.

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