Is Black Friday really worth it?

Owen Seifert, Business Manager

This time of year is when life seems to get kinda stressful. Thanksgiving is coming up, finals are right around the corner, not to mention the stress of finding gifts for the people you care about. If finding gifts is stressful enough, why make it even more stressful? I am talking about Black Friday. Everyone should know about this “amazing” day. It the best chance to get gifts at amazingly low prices and hey, you may even lose a few teeth in the process. I honestly think that Black Friday is pointless at this day in age. I think the true calling here is Cyber Monday. Who would want to go to a store with thousands of other people, who may or may not be willing to shank you for that nice microwave, when you could just wait a little while and get all that stuff online? It is less hassle and you do not have to risk life and limb for a gift. Sure, there is a chance you may get a better deal on Black Friday, but who is to say that you can even make it to that deal? You would have to navigate the whole store around hundreds, maybe even thousands, of different people, and you may not even get there before the item is swarmed by discount hungry people. Not to mention all the accidents that can happen along the way. I know everyone has heard at least one horror story that happened on Black Friday. I think none of that is worth it at all so, take my advice on this one. Stay home, put the TV on, snuggle up under a blanket and shop for your discounts online.

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