Navigating the new Navigator

Austin Wendling, Co-Managing Editor

For those of you who have not noticed, The Navigator has taken on a new look. This new look comes from a variety of reasons, the first being the staff. The Navigator has come under new management. The 2019-20 Navigator staff are entirely new, from our reporters, our editors, to our layout team, and all are brand new to the job and are still learning our way.
The second reason for the change is to go back to the roots of journalism, chasing the truth instead of sensationalizing it. In our current times with hundreds of different news sites online, the truth and unbiased reporting have gone to the background, replaced by sensationalism and stories written to incite division. This new Navigator staff aims to fight this growing trend and go back to our roots as a campus newspaper reporting on the issues that the Lake Land College community is directly impacted by.
To express these changes, we are not only looking to the future, but to the past as well. We are expressing this endeavor through our revamped banner, logo and overall layout. Dropping the “News” part of The Navigator News to give The Navigator an updated name, as well as bringing back the compass logo as a way of honoring where we came from. The logo now features a lighthouse, another nod to The Navigator’s past, as when first established The Navigator was called “The Lighthouse.” The change in our layout comes in a desire to revamp the paper and make The Navigator into a more professional looking paper. Additionally drawing inspiration from The Navigator publications in the past with our own personal style added to it, blending the past and present.
The Navigator staff of 2019-20 hopes to do right by the past, but also to embrace the future, and we are glad to have you, our faithful readers, along for the ride.

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