What is and is not recyclable

Madelyn Kidd, Copy Editior

At the beginning of every school year at Lake Land College there always seems to be confusion over what items go into the recycling bins and what goes in the trash can. This inevitably causes trash to be placed in the recycling bin and items which are recyclable to be placed in the trash can.
Starting with what cannot be recycled includes some items most people know are not recyclable. Anything made out of styrofoam cannot be recycled along with plastic utensils, paper cups with plastic lined on the inside, like the cups at Subway, plastic straws, disposable plastic cups from restaurants and plastic lids for those cups. Another thing that is not recyclable that most people do not know is contaminated cardboard or paper. When cardboard or paper is contaminated by food or liquids they can no longer be recycled because they are now incapable to go through the machine that breaks them down to be made into new cardboard or paper. Therefore, pizza boxes with pizza grease on them or paper that have gotten wet cannot go into the recycling bin.
What can be put into the recycling bins include plastic bottles, cardboard, and paper that have not been contaminated and glass jars and bottles. At Lake Land College we have an individual recycling bin for phones and batteries. This individual recycling bin is located in the Luther Student Center near the two microwaves and vending machines. Phones and batteries can only be put into this individual bin and not in the multitude of recycling bins around campus. With this knowledge, you can now start recycling properly without standing at the recycling bin debating for three minutes if what you are about to throw away is recyclable or not.

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