Club Spotlight: International Club

Jess Oakley, Reporter

An opportunity to learn from a different culture, experience new languages, and food, and make friends along the way is what the International Students Club is all about. I sat down to talk with Brandy Verdin, president of International Club, about what the club was about and how it enriched her life. The officers of the club are a mix between American students, like Secretary Brooklyn Chaney, and foreign students like Vice President Suhyun Moon who is from South Korea. Brandy said in the interview that the international students come from a broad array of backgrounds, including Asia and Latin America. “They’re pretty scattered out, which is nice because we get to learn about many other cultures,” she said about the variety of students in the club. “Being able to be in a club to meet people from all around the world and what a day in their life is, is really nice. It’s eye-opening. I learn a lot from them, not just language, but culture. I wouldn’t trade it for the world,” Brandy said about her experience in the club.
The club is holding an English Cafe in the Luther Student Center on Nov. 6, where American students can speak with international students to have an exchange of culture. On Nov. 20, they are having an International Show and Tell in the Luther Student Center, which is an opportunity for the students in the club to share a bit more about their culture. They also do club exclusive events, like Halloween and Christmas parties, and a study session to help any of the students that may be struggling or just want help before finals.

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