Freshmen Student Government Association delegates

Jess Oakley, Reporter

The elections for the eight freshmen student government association elections have come and passed. On Sept. 18 and 19 people could vote for one to five delegates in the laker hub. The eight freshman SGA delegates are Lucas Duduit, Suhyun Moon, Emmalee Sherwood, Natalie Swisher, Caralee Hayes, Brianna Ulmer, Breanne Gullidge, and Cassie Peters. These eight freshmen will represent the rest of freshman on and off campus in the student government association. They will bring the voice of the freshman to the SGA and look to be a voice for the people who do not have one.

Lucas says, “Representing the students of Lake Land would enable me to meet and learn about my peers. Henceforth, networking in the making.”

Suhyun said about joining SGA, “I am very enthusiastic about listening to the voices of the students and leading my fellow students to success. As I am ready to be on campus 24/7, I am always open to accept any suggestions that students may have and to improve Lake Land College as a place for students to learn, bringing diversity and making everyone feel that the whole community stands behind them. As a member of the Lake Land College student body, I want to serve our campus community in my best.”

Emmalee says, “I want to be a freshman SGA delegate so I can be involved in more on campus activities and to add to my college experience. I would like to be able to represent Lake Land College well for the year and make new friends and to have the opportunity to meet a variety of new people and build new relationships.”

Natalie says, “My main goal of being a part of your Student Government Association is to make sure everyone at Lake Land College has a beneficial learning experience, to help my fellow students achieve their goals, and to maintain an inclusive learning environment. I take pride in helping others reach their goals, big or small, and I hope to continue to do so as part of your Student Government Association. Everyone has a voice and I intend to make sure everyone is heard. I look forward to ensuring that everyone’s time at Lake Land is a comfortable and memorable experience.”

Caralee says, “If there’s one thing I can say for sure about myself – it’s that I’m a people person. I put a high value on the thoughts, feelings and opinions of the people around me. I love to spread joy through kindness, and I see SGA as an opportunity to make a positive impact on current and future students’ college experience.”

Brianna says, “I want to be a Freshman SGA delegate for a number of reasons, but one reason stands out the most. When I came on my visit here at Lake Land the students and staff made my experience second to none. They were all so welcoming, and helpful, and I would like to be a part of what continues to make this school a place I love so much. Student Government would allow me to not only improve my leadership skills, but be a part of what helps make every student’s time here on campus one they will never forget.”

Breanne says, “The Student Government Association represents the student body. It is the voice for the campus. Being a part of this group of people is a way for me to be able to play a role in improving the Lake Land campus. Coming into this as a freshman gives me an advantage to add a fresh perspective and bring in new ideas and ways of thinking. I enjoy being able to interact with other students and encouraging people to meet others. While in high school I was on student council for four years and enjoyed being a voice for my student body. I would love the opportunity to do the same here.”

Cassie says, “I want to be a freshman Student Government Association delegate because I love helping others and being a voice for people in my school. A large part of my life is service and communicating to achieve a common goal.”

Congratulations to these eight freshman for becoming the voice of the freshmen at Lake Land College. I hope everyone looks forward to working with you and that you enjoy your time on the SGA.

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