Lady Gaga launches makeup line Haus Laboratories

Breanna Moore, Layout and Design Team Leader

Lady Gaga has finally launched her highly anticipated makeup brand, Haus Laboratories. For several months, the pop star has teased her upcoming cosmetics line on social media. She revealed that customers would be able to shop her brand on the official website of Haus Laboratories, as well as on Amazon. Lady Gaga’s brand is the first major makeup brand to have Amazon as its primary carrier. On July 15, Haus Laboratories products became available for pre-order, which also just so happened to be Amazon Prime Day. All pre-orders were shipped on the brand’s official launch date, Sept. 17.
Haus Laboratories has a variety of products to go along with it’s initial launch. Among those products are lip glosses, lip liners, eyeliner, reusable makeup art stickers and multi-use liquid eyeshadows. Each item can be purchased by itself, but some can be purchased together in a bundle for a discounted price. Lady Gaga is proud to be able to say that her brand is cruelty-free as well as vegan friendly. It is also emphasized on the Haus Laboratories website that the brand is very passionate about self-love and self-expression, with a goal to make everyone feel beautiful and comfortable in their appearance.

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