The long awaited Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star collab

Madelyn Kidd, Copy Editior

On Oct. 1, Shane Dawson released part one of a nine part series with Jeffree Star on his YouTube channel, shane. This series has been teased for months as they started filming at the beginning of the year. Since Dawson’s last series with Jeffree Star, there has been talk of a Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Cosmetics collab. At the beginning of part one, we quickly learned that a collab was well into the works, but it was not just makeup. On Oct. 15, Dawson’s new merchandise was released and sold out within two hours. Dawson’s new merch included hoodies, shirts, bags and more on his website,
What is highly anticipated besides the rest of the series is the Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star Cosmetics collab. The makeup line will be released on Nov. 1 and includes the “Conspiracy” 18 panned eyeshadow palette, “Mini Conspiracy” nine panned eyeshadow palette, one clear lip gloss named “Shane Glossin’”, six liquid lipsticks and one of Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ iconic mirrors, but this time in the shape of a pig’s face instead of the iconic star.
In the nine part series with Jeffree star, Dawson dives into the world of makeup and quickly learns it is a crazy world to be apart of. In part one of the series, “The Beautiful World of Jeffree Star,” Dawson travels with Star to a meet and greet Star had planned at a Morphe store. Part one showed just the beginning of what it is like in Star’s life as someone in the makeup world. In the other parts Dawson not only provides the first real behind-the-scenes process of creating makeup, but also the ups and downs in being involved in the makeup world. In part three, “The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star,” we get to witness the aftermath of when Jeffree Star Cosmetics’ warehouse was broken into and the thieves stole $2.5 million worth of makeup. In future parts we know from the trailer for the series that we will get to see what happened from Dawson’s and Star’s point-of-view during the James Charles drama that happened in late April. We might finally get to see more of Jeffree Star’s thoughts during the drama when dangerous allegations were made against James Charles. Finally showing why Star sided with those allegations to be true despite being close friends with James Charles previously. Regardless, the rest of the nine part series is bound to be filled with more of the behind-the-scenes of creating makeup and behind-the-scenes to some of the drama filled moments in the makeup world that have taken place this year.

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