Countdown till men’s basketball season begins

Austin Wendling, Co-Managing Editor

The Lake Land College’s Men’s basketball team still as a month until their 2019-2020 season begins. With 11 freshmen and five sophomores making up the team, the Lakers will be very different from last year. Going off of an 11-20 record, the team is ready to improve their skills and bring more wins for Lake Land College. Their first game against the Danville Area Community College Jaguars will be on Nov. 2.
Head Coach, Brandon Colvin, will be on his fourth year here at Lake Land College this season. He has high hopes for the team this year: going on to say, “We have 11 freshmen, you know it’s always tough the first year, you struggle a bit early and pick it up late, I’m hoping these guys will pick it up a little bit earlier, and they have so far they’ve done a really good job of conditioning, weights, going to class, so my hopes are you know I think we will be a better team than last year, and just improve on last year’s situation.”
Colvin has years of coaching under his belt and what is needed to make good teamwork. Last year’s situation was not ideal for the Lakers, when addressing the trials of last year Colvin had this to say, “A lot of it came out from depth, we just couldn’t deal with injuries at times, we played with one of our top eight out, we know it’s a matter of having depth in out key positions and with this league this means having wings and guards this isn’t a real big-league so post plays it’s important to have them they play a key role, you gotta have guards and wings to be able to win this league.”
The Lakers are certainly preparing for their season at a breakneck pace. The team’s first home game will be on Nov. 6.

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