Stop believing superstitions about black cats

Madelyn Kidd, Copy Editor

Madelyn Kidd

Many of us know about the superstition that black cats bring bad luck, which has unfortunate consequences to black cats in animal shelters. Black cats have the lowest adoption rates and highest euthanasia rates in shelters across America. Some shelters even stop adopting out black cats in October in fear the cat would be abused as just a Halloween prop. There are multiple myths that cause the bad reputation toward black cats. In different parts of the world it was believed seeing a black cat brings bad luck or that black cats are associated with the devil, witches, witchcraft, and evil. Yet, in other parts of the world black cats are associated with good luck. In Italy if you hear a black cat sneeze, you are in for a streak of good luck, and in Asia owning a black cat is considered lucky.
Black cats do not deserve the treatment they have received due to myths and superstitions. They deserve to be adopted just as much as any other cat in a shelter. Besides, having a black cat is awesome and here are some reasons why. Black cats look like miniature panthers and who does not want to own a miniature panther? Black cats are also ninjas in the dark due to their color. The only thing that gives them away is their eyes, and since we are talking about their eyes. Did you know black cats can have the most gorgeous eye colors? They can have golden or green eyes and on the rare occasion they can even have blue eyes. Black cats are a great option if you wear mostly dark clothing, their fur would not show up on your clothes like a light haired cat’s would. You should definitely consider getting a black cat next time you are looking for a cat to adopt, and even if you do not want a cat you can make sure that all of your friends and family know that they should not believe superstitions about black cats. At the end of the day, black cats are just like any other cat you will meet.

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