13 reasons why “13 Reasons Why” season three should not have happened

Madelyn Kidd, Copy Editor


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On Aug. 23 “13 Reasons Why” season three was released on Netflix. The theme of season three revolved around the question, “Who killed Bryce Walker?” Since the season’s release, most of the reviews have been negative, and after watching season three myself I agree with the majority of the negative reviews. Some people could not help but wonder “Why was season three so bad?” Meanwhile, others ask, “Why did they even make a third season?” Given that the show revolves around the number 13, here is a list of 13 reasons why “13 Reasons Why” season three should not have happened. Warning there will be some minor spoilers, but I tried to avoid any major spoilers.
First, “13 Reasons Why” is based on one book that was the subject of season one, therefore there should not have been more than one season. The only reason “13 Reasons Why” is continuing is because of the success and money Netflix made from season one.
Second, the new character in season three, Ani, is suddenly a part of the group of friends that were in Hannah’s tapes as if she’s been there since the beginning. This bothered me the entire time I was watching season three because Ani just moved to Liberty High School. It does not make sense for her to know everyone’s secrets.
Third, Ani’s character was not necessary for this season to take place. I cannot understand why the writers decided to create a new character to include in the storyline. I get that Ani provided incite to Bryce and how he was trying to change, but the writers could have shown those scenes without Ani.
Fourth, there was an unnecessary amount of narration. Throughout the season the writers had Ani narrate things that were completely unnecessary for the audience to hear. There were times when I wondered if there was more narration then there was dialogue.
Fifth, the flashbacks were confusing. Even with the color filters separating the flashbacks and the present, there were times where I could not tell if the scene was a flashback or not.
Sixth, this season was boring and was dragged out for too long. I know the show revolves around the number 13, but this storyline was not long enough to be 13 episodes.
Seventh, the show tried to tackle too many issues at once. With the issues of school shootings, the “#metoo” movement, and Bryce’s murder there were too many controversial subjects the writers tried to cover, which led to some of them not receiving the attention they should have.
Eighth, Clay became a selfish jerk. One of the few characteristics I liked about Clay was his empathy. Throughout season three Clay seemed to have lost his ability to empathize with others and was a complete jerk to his friends.
Ninth, season three felt like a bad game of Clue. The whole season was Clay and Ani pointing fingers at others saying, “I think they killed Bryce.” That quickly got old and annoying.
Tenth, the writers wasted time spending an entire episode on figuring out if a certain character killed Bryce or not. For some of the characters, they realistically could have figured it out in 20 minutes, yet they spent a whole episode on it.
Eleventh, “13 Reasons Why” was originally about Hannah Baker and without Hannah, there is not a reason to continue the show. Fans kept watching season one because they fell in love with Hannah’s character, and without her, the show is not as good.
Twelfth, the redemption of Bryce Walker. In flashbacks throughout season three, it showed Bryce trying to change and become a better person to show even bad people can change. Despite spending this season showing Bryce changing at the end he goes right back to being a bad person, which led to his murderer killing him. The writers should not have given Bryce a redemption storyline if they were going to take it back like that.
Thirteenth, the writers created too many plot twists trying to trick fans about who killed Bryce. By the time it was finally revealed who actually had killed Bryce it was not even that surprising because by that point I was just annoyed about the number of plot twists and did not care anymore. Hopefully, this is the end of “13 Reasons Why” or maybe the writers will take into account all the negative reviews and make a successful season four. Regardless, I am not watching another 13 episodes to find out.

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