Mitch Williams: An International Magician

Chase Austin, Reporter

Though the president of Student Activity Board, Hannah Binnion, is unsettled by magic stating, “I don’t understand it. It freaks me out”, Student Activity Board is still holding an event Wednesday, Sept. 11 at 11 a.m. hosting Mitch Williams, an internationally renowned magician, in the theatre in the Luther Student Center. As a recipient of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Stage Award of Merit, the Bill Baird Award of Excellence in Sleight of Hand and an I.B.M. Gold Medal Finalist to name a few, Williams definitely knows magic. 

Well traveled in his magic career performing at large events in Japan, Spain, Holland, Canada, Mexico, and here in the United States, Williams has traveled around the world to show sleight of hand as well as inspire. Besides having performed on live television in Japan, shared the same bill as Penn & Teller, and is known as a popular performer at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, Calif., Williams often uses his talents in the magical arts to benefit the lives of others. As an author of the well reviewed call to action book “A Call To Magic” and a fourth degree black belt in Judo, Williams uses Eastern Philosophy, mythology and theatrical magic to transport audiences and radically alter their perspectives, as well as inspire them to be proactive in their life. 

Regardless of magical prowess, Binnion, the president of Student Activity Board and sophomore, urges students to “Come to events. They’re free. It gives you something to do when you don’t have class; and I feel as if a lot of students do really appreciate our events when they actually come. We do have some pretty cool ones.”

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