What a Tree?

Chandler Smith, Navigator Work Study

Chandler Smith

If a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, does it make a sound? I simply think when a tree falls it does make a sound as long as you are close enough. The sound received by your eardrums is not just meant for one listener. According to FactMyth.com sound is a mechanical wave that travels through something, like a water molecule or any other type of matter. I reached out to Jeffrey White, a biological science instructor here at Lake Land, for his views on the matter. “The falling tree makes a sound if other animals are there to perceive the sound wave. Humans are not the only organisms which can detect sounds,” White said.
If a tree falls does it make a noise? Absolutely, as long as someone or something is close enough to the tree. When we talk about trees falling, we think of science and all the many questions out there. Does a tree falling really matter? I am never sure about the stories and conversations we have about everyday things in science like if water is really wet, if a tree falls does it actually make a sound, or is it just a bunch of crazy questions left unsolved? Who knows? If anything else trees will still fall, and water will still be there. Plus, no matter what, a tree does make a sound when it falls and only when we are around to hear it.

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