TRiO Services for LLC Students

Chase Austin , Reporter

Fall is here, and students are shuffling about the campus. Every walk of life is embarking on the next step in their academic career. TRiO Student Support Services, SSS, is here to make sure that first step lands on good footing. TRiO SSS is a federally funded outreach program intended to provide opportunities for academic development. According to Lake Land, TRiO, along with its counselors and advisors, “Works with each student individually, providing and connecting students with a variety of support services, events and activities.”
With every advisor in the TRiO program at Lake Land being former students, TRiO offers individuals the opportunity to develop as a student and accomplish short and long-term goals. Amber Niebrugge, an advisor in the TRiO program for six years, discourages students from thinking they are unfit for the program saying, “Sometimes there’s that impression from students that you have to have a disability, or you have to be a student that’s failing in order to be a part of TRiO. We have students that are strong academically, plan on transferring, and have good grades but just need that extra guidance to fill in the gaps.” And although TRiO offers student services like Cultural Enrichment Opportunities and tutoring, Niebrugge says “it’s the academic advising we offer to our students, transfer assistance, and help with financial aid” those are some of the most valuable things a student can get from their experience at TRiO.
Students can sign up for TRiO at any time, but the sooner the better, as TRiO is funded by the federal government to cover only 160 students. If a student is interested in joining the TRiO program, Niebrugge says to “stop by our office in Luther Student Center room 414 so they can pick up an eligibility survey; we also have a website that students can go to on the Lake Land home page and have an application on there. Really if they ask anyone on campus they can bring them (to the office) or give them the survey.”

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