Call It Like You See It

The Lake Land College Sports Broadcasting classes give students the opportunity to announce live-action games!

Bailey Rueff, News and Opinion Editor

Imagine a class that is surrounded around the love of sports, and more specifically, a student’s love of talking about sports! If this idea appeals to you, the Lake Land College Sports Broadcasting class may be right up your alley. This class is offered in both the spring and fall semesters, and is taught by WLKL station manager Gregory Powers.

Each year, students are trained to use the broadcasting equipment and taught how to successfully announce a sports game. They cover many different sports, from local high school football and basketball to Lake Land College athletics, such as basketball, softball, and baseball. The class only meets twice a semester, and the rest of the time the student fulfills their credit hours announcing games. One member of this semester’s class, Dustin Borries said, “This class is fun. You actually get real-life experience as a sports announcer. It gives you the opportunity to see if this is truly something you want to do with your life.”  Another student, Josh Bear said, “It gives me the chance to work on something I will apply towards my ultimate goal and education.”

If any student is interested in taking the Lake Land College Sports Broadcasting Class, visit Gregory Powers in the Radio-Broadcasting department, located in the Northwest Building. If a fast-paced, hands-on environment is desired among students, talk to Mr. Powers today!

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