“Nocturna” Book Review

Katherine Croft, Layout and Design Team Assistant

“Nocturna” was a fictional book written by Maya Motayne, and the book was published this year. Even though it has a Hispanic twist to it, it is still written in English. This book gives insight into a Spanish fictional story and how they would write it. In this book there are two main characters, the first one we read about is a prince whose name is Alfehr, also known as Alfie who had just lost his brother to an assassin, so he’s getting himself ready to become king. The second is of a character named Finn Voy. She is a thief who wants to hide her true face with her magic. This thief had a family once, and she lost it all in one night. These characters find themselves working together to put a stop to a darkness that could destroy their world. Also in this book, there’s not only adventure but friendship, honor, showing the difference between light and dark, and learning to face your fears.
This book was written for teens, but even adults can read it and still enjoy it themselves. This book was wonderfully written in English, even with the few Spanish words within.

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