Kile elected as LLC Student Trustee

Abigail Buenker, Managing Editor

With a charming smile that could light up a dark room, Shelbie Kile sits calmly in her makeshift SGA office and welcomes me inside. With a welcoming spirit that is just as magnetizing as it is sweet, Shelbie begins to talk about all of the things she has experienced in one short year of being student trustee.

Though the idea of running for trustee has always been at the back of her mind, Kile credits her predecessor, Tessa Philpot, as the person who gave her the confidence to put her name on the ballot.

“Tessa came in and told me I needed to run. That one last push was the reason why I decided to run,” Kile said. “Her confidence in me really helped. She said ‘don’t doubt yourself’ and that was helpful to me.”

With this newfound confidence, Kile put her campaign into motion. She made flyers, talked to students, and encouraged anyone she could to vote in the elections.

After winning the race against fellow Ag-Transfer major Chase Trainor, Kile is looking forward to representing Lake Land College as a whole to current and future students.

“I want to make sure students know that there is a way that they can be involved,” Kile said. “I want them to have as much fun as I have had at Lake Land with Student Life.”

Kile also hopes to balance her new status as trustee with her many extracurricular activities. She is a full-time student, works part-time at Hibbet Sports in Mattoon and is very involved in Student Life organizations at the college.

Most notably, Kile served as the vice president of the Student Government Association during the 2018-2019 school year. Within SGA, she has served on countless committees, organized events and helped to plan a leadership day for local high school students.

“I sit on the board of trustees, I will be at all of the Student Government Association meetings, and sitting on various committees to figure out the various problems we face,” Kile said.

As for specific issues she hopes to tackle as trustee, Shelbie hopes to address assisting students with mental health issues on campus by implementing safe zones so that students can reach out to people for help.

“We are going to advocate for mental health issues in our state. We hope to be able to have mental health services next year at our campus,” Kile said.

Overall, the new trustee hopes to be accessible to all students on campus and voice their concerns.

“I am definitely here for the students. Come up and talk to me, reach out to me. I would love to talk with you and help you with anything you need on campus.”

Shelbie Kile can be reached at: [email protected] or add her on Facebook and send her a message.

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