The American Game

As of today it is my total and wholehearted belief that we, as Americans, are witnessing before our very eyes the theft of a presidential election that has been in th works for over 25 years. Donald Trump has shown his true reason for running for the office of president, by running such confusing interference in the Republican party, he has enabled Hillary Clinton to win the Democratic party nomination. This will enable her to handily beat any opponent in an election where many are left with no choice but her. Trump is imploding right before our eyes, only after successfully shredding any chance of a worthy candidate emerging from the Republican party. We already witnessed both the Clinton and the Bush families refusing to allow independents to run against them in the ’92 and ’04 elections. We saw one president perjure himself multiple times in a federal court and get impeached, yet we ignored it. We saw the next president illegally start and carry out a global conflict that is still flaming brightly after fifteen years, and we have done nothing. By doing so we have raised a whole generation that has decided if they do not like the law, instead of working to change it, they just won’t obey it. We have elected a president who quite logically and legally should not have been allowed to run, let alone get elected. He has illegally used his presidential veto privilege to change the rules of our legal system pushing us closer to bankruptcy. Only the Clinton-Bush alliance could pull of such an extraordinary hoodwinking of the American public so effectively. You may disagree with me, you may think I am crazy; but those who know me, know I don’t pull any punches or hide behind rhetoric and word games. I tell it straight up and this is my straight up warning to my fellow Americans: We need to  wake up and focus on what is unfolding right before our very eyes! The game is on, let’s pay attention before they change the rules again.

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