Students recognized at awards banquet for academic success


Courtney Reel and Zoë Donovan

Every spring, each division on campus is charged with selecting an outstanding student from their division who is slated to graduate that academic year. The award is usually discussed in a division meeting where the faculty recommends someone from their program and gives a reason why that particular student should be recognized. In the case where a decision can’t be made, a small committee is formed and it goes to a vote. Faculty members are happy to recognize their memorable students in class and it’s their way of thanking the student for their hard work. Sometimes faculty may have a hard time choosing a recipient for the award because of how many students are excelling in their classes.

The Humanities Division is unique in that it has the most general education hours required, so they see a wide range of students in their classes. Salisa Olmsted, Humanities Division Chair, says that when the time to choose an outstanding student comes that’s when “the reality of what we do here all comes together, this is why we’re here, we’re here for the students and to see the accomplishments of those students.” Matthew Landrus nominated David R. Pruitt to receive this award based upon his work in the various classes of this division. He was widely supported by multiple staff members who recognized him for his accomplishments.

Olivia Telgmann received the Allied Health Division Outstanding Student. Telgmann was nominated by instructors, Nicole Jones and Haylee Brandt. Karla Hardiek, the Allied Health Division chair shared that Telgmann had a willingness to help other students and that “she’s a leader in her clinical group if students have questions they know that they can go to Olivia.” Hardiek also shared that Telgmann has not only excelled in the classroom and on paper but that her compassion will translate well into the Allied Health services field.

The Business and Cosmetology Division chose Logan Malcome to receive the award this year. He was supported in this nomination by various professors in this division. During his time at Lake Land, he had a significant impact on other students as a lab assistant, Club IT President, and a student tutor.

Tilda Carlelycke was been nominated and chosen to receive the Outstanding Student Award for the Math and Science Division. Carlelycke was nominated by her chemistry instructor, Gregory Capitosti. Carlelyke is a pre-med student who not only excels in the classroom but also works as a tutor. She excels in biology, mathematics, and chemistry.

Micah Smock, from Bodkins, Ohio, received the Outstanding Student Award for the Agriculture Division. He was the overall winner for outstanding student during the Agriculture Student Banquet in the fall. He displayed excellence in his academics. He also acts a student leader on the livestock judging team. While competing for the Livestock Judging team he received the High Individual Overall award, he is only the second student in Lake Land college history to receive the award.

The Technology Division chose their recipient, Justis Coventry, based on nominations. Originally from Teutopolis, Illinois, Coventry has shown leadership and humility in his classes.

Christina Menna was awarded the Social Science and Education Outstanding Student award for the 2018-2019 school year. Menna was nominated by several Lake Land instructors including, Kim Davis, Charles Jarrell, and Lara Bacino Althaus. Menna is a non-traditional student, who originally returned to school to become a substitute teacher in her daughter’s classroom, but discovered her love for teaching. “She’s a single mom, so she’s raising four kids by herself, and taking on this task of being a full-time student. And that’s what kind of made her stand out to us” Jarrell shared.

Typically, outstanding students stand out in how they interact not only in the classroom, but outside of it as well. Though academics are a natural sign of success in a class, good grades aren’t the only thing that shows how unique a student is. Faculty looks for a well-rounded student who is representing their community and the college through extracurricular activities. Students represent the passion and ambition for the work they do in the classroom and other areas of their lives. This award allows recognition to be given to a well-rounded student who genuinely deserves it.

Students also leave an impact on the faculty members and can typically be recognized by multiple professors who have had the student in their classes. No matter how much time has passed since being in a class, the student leaves behind a strong impression and faculty can remember them. Faculty prioritize their students, Olmsted states that “The magic is in the classroom, for the students and for us.” A perk of a community college is having small class sizes and the ability to connect with the student on a personal level. In some instances, faculty members may act as a mentor to these students and keep up with them long after their time at Lake Land is over. Sometimes all it takes to be an outstanding student is for someone, like a faculty member, to believe in you and see something that you don’t see in yourself.

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