The feats and fears of transferring

Abigail Buenker, Managing Editor

Submitting college applications, writing a personal essay, searching high and low for scholarship applications, emailing college representatives back and forth, visiting campus with- oh, sorry-does this first sentence stress you out?

The process of applying to college is complicated, lengthy and stress-inducing. After applying to four or five schools in my senior year of high school, I was so tired of the bureaucratic red tape and the numerous applications that all asked for the same information. After I decided that I was tired of crunching numbers, I settled on Lake Land because of the low cost and the ability to give myself some time to focus on my career goals. But now, as my time at Lake Land is coming to an end, I have been forced to (yet again) relive my experience as a high school senior and begin applying to schools.

Luckily, the transfer process at Lake Land has been much easier than I expected. All of the credits that I needed in order to graduate were in order and the staff at Lake Land has helped me through that process immensely. I am truly glad to have been given two years at Lake Land so that I could figure out my major and my professional goals.

However, when it came time to apply to these potential transfer institutions, I felt overwhelmed again. Managing the constant stream of information from different schools was a challenge. Each school is different and has multiple web interfaces that students can use to check their grades, register for classes, sign up for housing, check financial aid, etc. This is the most intimidating factor and it can seem like it is a lot to keep track of. Because I was unsure of where I wanted to transfer in the future, I was constantly checking about thirteen accounts from four different schools, sorting college mail into piles for future use, and constantly deleting emails from college reps.

Luckily, by March, I have gotten accepted to all of the schools I applied to and will be able to attend the school I wanted to go to. I am so grateful to have been able to meet so many people at Lake Land who have helped me succeed in my first two years of college and have helped me prepare for my future.

As for my advice to future college freshman/sophomores getting ready to transfer? Stay organized! Prioritize a list of the schools you wish to attend and keep track of the deadlines for applying for admission, scholarship deadlines that are specific to the institution, housing contract deadlines, honors opportunities, and registration. Eventually, you’ll be able to narrow down your list of schools. Also, speak with your advisor at Lake Land and contact an admissions representative from the four-year institution to make sure you’re prepared to transfer.

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