Chris D’Elia: Follow the Leader Tour


Courtney Reel, Copy Editor

Chris D’Elia is making his way around the country on his Follow the Leader Tour with his headliner Michael Lenoci. D’Elia is most well-known for his stand up comedy as well as his starring role on the NBC comedy series, “Undateable” and in “Whitney” opposite lead actress, Whitney Cummings. D’Elia’s stand up comedy is available to stream on Netflix. His first special “Incorrigible” was released in 2015, his newest special “Man on Fire” released in 2017. Most recently, he was featured on the Netflix special, “Comedians of the World” along with many other famous comedians around the world. His podcast, Congratulations with Chris D’Elia, has consistently topped podcast charts. He continues to entertain crowds in top comedy clubs and consistently performs to sold-out shows in the US and Canada.

D’Elia’s performance for the January 12 show in St. Louis at the Stifel Theatre was scheduled due to the snow and ice, which held him in Indianapolis overnight. The sold-out show was rescheduled for February 24. The turnout was especially impressive, the crowd being a majority of millennials. His show is not for the faint of heart though, as his comedy is known to be raunchy and politically incorrect. D’Elia can keep a crowd laughing, something about this character makes him seem so relatable as though he is a completely normal guy that you could pass on the street. From watching his comedy live versus on Netflix, I can attest that his character is completely the same. Everything from his movements to his tone of voice can be altered as a way of storytelling that makes his comedy that much more hilarious. He has used his comedy to lighten up the gender and race stereotypes. Tackling controversial topics can be difficult for comedians, as they have been known to get backlash for their jokes on these subjects. He has alluded to angry comments being made about his offensive content. In the show, he said, “We’re comedians, we’re joking. It’s what we’re paid to do.” Like it or not, if you paid to see him in person and don’t like his comedy, he still gets your money.

If his comedy can teach us anything, it would be that in this day and age we tend to be overly-sensitive and put too much stress on being politically correct that we forget to enjoy the moment. Comedy is a great way to unwind and have a laugh and is definitely an entertaining outing for anyone wanting to get away from Netflix and experience the real thing.

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