A conversation with the dead: Psychic comes to campus


Madolyn Hackler, Business Manager

Student Activity Board has prepared yet another exciting event for Lake Land students. Psychic medium, Nancy Feranec is coming to campus this April after her previously scheduled event was canceled in January due to inclement weather.

Feranec uses tarot cards and spirits to guide her readings. She say that tarot cards are her natural gift. She found this calling of hers after receiving a reading where the psychic medium gave her a message from her ex-husband, who came through in spirit during her session.

Feranec is originally from St. Louis, and is named as one of the top ten psychics in St. Louis and Chicago. At a normal reading with her, Feranec hosts up to three guests for group reading sessions. An hour reading is $160 or $85 for a 30 minute session, but for this exclusive reading at Lake Land, you can come to witness this experience for free!

When readings begin, she starts off by looking at your Life Path and Personal Year number and she will share what she knows about you from the gift of intuition. From there she reads your cards, and she can connect to your loved ones through the spirit. Feranec can also look at your present and future journeys.

If this sounds like something that may interest you, even if you may be skeptical, don’t forget to stop by and check out Nancy the Psychic at 11 a.m. on April 24th during activity period in the Student Center theater.


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