Dodie Clark


Abigail Buenker, Managing Editor

With her upbeat personality and charming smile, you would never guess that singer-songwriter Dodie Clark would be singing about anything more than the people she has dated. But in her newly released album ‘Human’, Dodie proves that she is above typical break-up songs and unrealistically idyllic love songs.

Instead, Dodie holds her heart in her hands for all to see in this album, baring her feelings instead of hiding them in her heart. ‘Human’ showcases seven folk-pop songs that put personality into the foreground, and occasionally overshadows polish or musicianship.

Her biggest asset by far is that her vocal tone is clear, simple, and natural. With vocals that are as honest and sweet as she seems to be, it is easy to let your mind unwind and enjoy her music. Her entire discography of music is easy to listen to and dreamy.

However, Dodie also shines lyrically. Any sense of intrigue in this album is confined to the lyrics. Little tricks of word play and catchy sayings do not elude her and appear throughout the album. Time seems to pass away and one can easily get lost in the poetry of her songs. Dodie is always telling a story from her perspective, questioning her own motives and pondering the behaviors of others. In the song “She”, Dodie sings about how a friendship can twist into feelings of one-sided, deep love that remains unrequited. She also explores how it feels to share herself with others and feeling helpless and timid in the process of opening up to people on tracks like, “If I’m Being Honest” and “Burned Out”.

In the contrast of the ease of her voice and the strength of her message is where the humanity lies. She discusses this very issue on the title track of the album “Human”, where she ponders the inexplicably of what it means to recognize each other’s humanity. She sings about the importance of trust and intimacy with “Will you share your soul with me? / Unzip your skin and let me have a see / Paint me in trust /I’ll be your best friend”.

With keys, guitars, and intertwining melodies, Dodie’s record is perfect for relaxing, escaping and pondering the elements of humanity. The record is a thoughtful, introspective look into these themes and shows her personal transparency. ‘Human’ by Dodie Clark is available for purchase and for streaming on January 18.

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