Lake Land agriculture program recognized for excellence


Courtney Reel, Copy Editor

The Lake Land College Agriculture program was nominated at the state level for the National Association of Agricultural Educators ( NAAE) Outstanding Post-secondary Agriculture Program Award for 2018. The college then advanced to the national level. Lake Land College was one of six colleges in the nation as well as one of only three community colleges to receive the award.

The association selected the award recipients based on colleges’ program mission, experiential learning and examples of how students have gotten involved in work-based learning such as cooperative education and internships, and partnerships with schools, community and industry leaders. Lake Land was recognized at the 2018 NAAE Convention in San Antonio, Texas. Agriculture Business Instructor Ryan Wildman and Division Chair Agriculture/Agriculture Instructor Ryan Orrick Ryan Orrick represented the college at the convention and received the award.

The history of excellence and the people have allowed Lake Land College to stand out. With an outstanding reputation, our Ag Program including the people in it have been able to thrive and create a good image for the college. Our program is home to many in-state and out-of-state students as well as international students. The Ag Program is most certainly a big part of Lake Land College as well as an asset to the college itself. Orrick remarked that, “The Ag Program is about the people, we bring in great students not only in our district but also across the United States. We’re training students to go back into their communities and strengthening those communities through the students we teach.”

Lake Land is constantly trying to find new ways to accommodate to the students’ needs by always looking at ways to improve learning for students. With constant advancements in farming technology, a priority for the Ag program is staying up to date. Lake Land hopes to continually innovate. A main priority is looking for more programs in order to expand and enrich existing programs. In the crops class students can benefit through the partnership the college has with Precision Planting and the planter that can allow for technology to be integrated into these existing programs. For diesel technicians, expanding the Ag Power department in not only farm equipment but also making it related more to trucks in general is an improvement that could be beneficial.  

The Ag Program is packed with many great ways to get involved, such as the Livestock Judging Team. Coached by Jordan Rauch, The Lake Land College Livestock Judging Team attended the Dixie National in Jackson, MS. Both the Freshman team and the Sophomore team placed fourth overall. There were several individuals placed in the top ten. Another recent success the team had was at National Western Stock Show competition held Jan. 10 in Denver, CO. The team took home Reserve Champion Team and an individual team member, Micah Smock, took High Individual Overall. Members earned high team in swine, second high team in cattle, third high team in cattle reasons, third high team in reasons, and second team in high overall. More updates on our agriculture division & livestock judging team and John Deere technology can be found on Facebook.


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