Earth Day

Sara McRoberts, Campus and Features Editor

April is a month full of rain, hopes of spring, and Earth Day. Earth Day is celebrated to show support for the protection of our environment, and this day is recognized as a national holiday on April 22nd.
According to, 20 million Americans petitioned and rallied for the protection of our environment. The protesters’ hopes were to clean up the pollution to create a more healthy and sustainable environment for everyone. Colleges and Universities put together rallies and protests in 1969; from auditoriums to the streets, students and citizens came together to get world leaders to understand that the environment was in severe peril. The protesters wished to get the attention of these leaders and that is exactly what happened.
The idea for Earth Day was an idea brought about by Gaylord Nelson in 1969 as a solution to the environmental problems the masses were working so hard to solve. Nelson was a US senator who realized something needed to be done for the conservation of our environment. After the rallies, world leaders agreed. Nelson was an advocate for the rescue of our natural surroundings when he witnessed the oil spill in Santa Barbara in 1969 and by 1970, Earth Day was put into effect.
Throughout the years, several protests, rallies, and campaigns have happened in order to support Earth Day and all that it stands for. These events create awareness about what is happening in our world that is contributing to the destruction of our habitat and how to combat it. Recently, the largest threat to our environment has been climate change. Earth Day in 2000, a rally was held in which activists set out to show world leaders, once more, that action needs to be taken about this issue.
Earth Day is a holiday that is celebrated by over a billion people each year. The continued recognition of this day has provoked society to change and take action about the damage happening in our environment. The Earth Day website has revealed that they have created five tasks to accomplish over the next five years in order to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this holiday.
One of the tasks is to plant over 7.8 million trees because these plants help to combat climate change by absorbing the CO2 from the atmosphere. You can participate and help in this task on your own just by simply planting a tree.  Help save the environment and plant a tree this Earth Day!

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