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Courtney Reel, Copy Editor

The goal of any college campus is to reach as many students as possible. Lake Land has gone above and beyond by offering programs in satellite locations like that of the Kluthe Center. The center in Effingham, Ill. is home to many academic programs and employs many full-time faculty members. Students at the Kluthe Center can enjoy smaller classes and can take courses closer to home.
Lake Land has started to offer many new courses at the Kluthe Center to ensure that enrollment stays consistent. Accessibility is one of the most important aspects of pursuing a degree without attending classes at the main campus. These programs offer a unique opportunity to take most, if not all of their required classes at the Kluthe Center.
The Massage Therapy Program and the Physical Therapy Program are two phenomenal programs that are offered at the center.
Martha Mioux, Director of the physical and massage therapy programs, credits Lake Land College as the driver of student success. “These programs are an asset because we give the students the tools to become a PTA or Massage Therapist,” Mioux said.
“They can work in and are finding jobs in the community. We’re giving people the opportunity to help people.”
Both programs started over twenty years ago and are still promoting excellence. The programs are very competitive and require test scores and assessment tests.
Former Massage Therapy student, Bethany Hansen, reflected on her time in the Massage Therapy Program.
“I loved the Massage Therapy Program because it was a lot of practical training that was very useful for working in that field,” Hansen said.
The program focuses on Swedish massage, Shiatsu, deep tissue, and spa technique. Clinicals for massage students are done in-house, and the program can be completed in three semesters.
There are also a variety of students in the massage program.
“I also made lifelong friendships that I will always be grateful for,” Hansen said.
Many students are first career students, but there are also quite a few second career students. Both types of students have gone on to see success in these competitive programs.
Lake Land College alumna Grace Schuler is currently employed as a physical therapist assistant. She shared her thoughts on the program and what it meant to her.
“Going through the Lake Land PTA program is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done and lead to a career that I love,” Schuler said.
The PTA students have their clinicals in hospitals and nursing homes. The program can be completed in 5 semesters.
Schuler credits Lake Land’s program as the catalyst for her career.
“I am so thankful for the instructors that took the time to prepare, motivate, and challenge me, and all the friendships made along the way,” Schuler said.
Regarding the Business Administration program at Kluthe, students are now able to take all of their classes in Effingham and some select courses are also available online. The program is modeled around the common transfer schools like Eastern Illinois University or Southern Illinois University. Lake Land has made sure that the courses required for those schools are offered at Kluthe. As a business major at Kluthe, student courses are mapped out per semester.
Accounting instructor Tynia Kessler has been working with division chairs so that all required courses are available for the business administration degree.
In regards to the benefits of the program, Kessler said, “Business Admin is one of the largest programs in the college… you can transfer and go into business admin, marketing, management, information systems, or accounting. There are so many majors within it that when you transfer on, you can go into specialized areas. I think that’s the big draw.”

Kluthe offers the opportunity for business majors to take their classes without leaving Effingham. Adult students have been known to take an hour or an hour and a half out of work to take classes at Kluthe because they work in Effingham versus having to drive to Mattoon and back. It offers a much more convenient way for these students to take the same classes that they would have to take on the main campus.

Lake Land is eager to accommodate and cater to the needs of the students. Some of the programs offered include Associate Degree Nursing, Basic Nursing Assistant, Basic Welding, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, IT-LaunchCode, Massage Therapy Program, Physical Therapy Program and the Practical Nursing Program. Students can voice their opinions regarding their courses and can actually be heard. For students that want to benefit from a well-rounded education while staying close to home, Kluthe is a great option for those who live near it. For more information regarding these programs you can visit: lakelandcollege.edu/kluthe

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