Workout Corner: New Year, New Me

Madolyn Hackler, Business Manager

Out with the old and in with the new. As we leave 2018 behind us, we claim to leave our bad habits behind as well. For some, a few months of better living is the perfect amount of time to try out a New Year’s resolution. But, for those who have not given up yet, there are a few fads that stayed and rang in with the new year. Two of the major resolutions every year include exercising and saving money, and 2019 has brought no exceptions.

This month, let’s start off with a few core exercises that are simple and effective. After warming up and stretching all of your muscles, it’s time to get into the plank position. You can plank on your hands or elbows, whichever you prefer. Once in position clench your abdominal muscles and hold for 30 seconds. Make sure to keep your back and hips flat and your head up. When the time is up, rotate onto your left side and hold for 15 seconds. Then, rotate back down into normal plank position for 10 seconds before rotating up onto your right side. Once you have completed this, give yourself a 30-second break to get into the next position. For this next exercise, you will start off with basic sit-ups for 10 reps, then move your legs into a 90-degree angle, with your feet off the ground, and crunch up till your fingers touch your heels. Do this for 15 reps. After finishing those crunches, straighten your legs so that your feet are up in the air. Continue the crunching method and bring your hands up to touch your ankles, do this for 15 reps. If you need a rest in between each of the new positions, you can take 15 seconds to catch a breather. Once you are finished, lay flat on your stomach and go up into the seal stretch. Try and stay in this stretch for 30 seconds. When you are finished with this you can continue with a cooldown of other stretches. This easy ab workout can be done anywhere, at the gym or if you want to be cost efficient, this can be done right at home! Starting out slow and progressing can help make “new year, new me” a reality.

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