Lake Land fitness center gets new equipment

Zoё Donovan, Editor-In-Chief

As campus sees new exterior changes, with the construction taking place at the student center, the fitness center also sees improvements to their interior. The most recent additions are a Stairmaster Gauntlet and the GHD glute and ham machine. Along with the new machines other workout equipment, such as new stretching bands and medicine balls. They have also recently made improvements to the aerobics room, the tv will no longer only have a DVD input. Students can now use an app to stream workout videos.

These improvements are primarily due to students voicing their need for changes. “We’ve wanted a Stairmaster for 10 years,” Said J.R. Hodges, a student fitness specialist, and the assistant coach to the women’s basketball team.

All Lake Land students have access to the fitness center, they only need to bring their student I.D. to be able to utilize the center. They are open from 7 A.M. – 7 P.M. on Monday through Thursday, and on Friday 7 A.M. – 5 P.M. They are closed on the weekends but they are usually open on days when classes are canceled.

The fitness center is maintained daily by staff and twice yearly for preventative maintenance services to makes sure machines are always in top condition. “We usually see between 86 and 125 students daily,” Said Hodges. The fitness center specialists are not certified trainers, but they can help direct students to websites such as and to help improve their workout and connect them to a trainer. As the campus improvements continue Hodges hopes that the fitness center can continue to improve. “The fitness world is always changing,” He said. And he hopes that the fitness center can continue to stay up to date with it.

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